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Location: 4141 B Street Anchorage AK 99503

Rebekah Haussner, LPC.png
Rebekah Haussner, LPC

I was born on the beaches of California, raised in the fields of Iowa and now calls the mountains of Alaska home. In 2000, I received a Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Education-Special Populations from Northland College. This degree welcomed in work at adolescent treatment centers and domestic violence shelters. I went on to acquire my Masters in Counseling from Alaska Pacific University in 2010 with a special focus in Mindful Parenting. Since graduation, I have been honored to provide therapeutic groups and individual counseling to adolescents and adults in recovery and counseling facilities.

I emphasize a holistic approach and utilize a wide array of theories including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based, person-centered and trauma informed therapies. I believe counseling is a collaborative process and I work to personalize each treatment plan to fit each individuals’ unique needs. I also seek to provide a safe and supportive environment that empowers individuals to reach their goals.

At the heart of my practice is a love of helping people overcome challenges in their lives. My professional interests include grief and loss, relationships, identity development, trauma, anxiety, depression, and life transitions such as adjustment to medical diagnoses, parenting challenges, and grief. I have a special interest in both women’s and maternal mental health. I’ve participated in trainings to support the unique needs, challenges and ongoing adjustments that women experience.

Outside of counseling, my time is full of adventuring outdoors with my family, spending time with my animals, biking and gardening.

Jen MachLaughlin, LPC.png
Jen MacLaughlin, LPC

Life is so dynamic and our mental health is just one part. To acknowledge that, I like to start with a holistic approach by creating a foundation built with nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Once this is established, we will work on the root of your struggles in mental health whether its depression, anxiety or relationships and anything in between. We will create unique goals specific to your needs that will empower you to feel happier and healthier…ultimately leading you towards living your most authentic life.

My story: I grew up in Allentown, PA (yes, Billy Joel wrote a song about us) where my life was filled with family, athletics and hot summers. I attended Millersville University where I received a Bachelors in Psychology, knowing people were the one thing I was interested in studying at depth. In 2002, I moved to Alaska working for an AmeriCorps program and I instantly felt at home. The wilderness and unending adventure captured my heart. Therefore, it was only natural to attend Alaska Pacific University where I received a Master’s in Counseling Psychology in 2010. After that, I have worked in several positions; inpatient treatment for adolescent girls, foster care, community mental health, medical primary care and the ANMC hospital. While not at work, I continue to adventure through Alaska, spend time with friends, family and my little doodle named Onyx. I look forward to hearing your story.

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